Roger Stone makes HUGE prediction about who will become 2024 Democrat nominee

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Longtime Trump ally and political veteran Roger Stone made a surprising prediction this weekend during remarks delivered onstage during Turning Point Action’s Florida conference.

He said, “As a veteran of many years in American politics, I’m going to tell you something somewhat shocking. Joe Biden will NOT be the nominee in 2024. Kamala Harris will briefly become president. But the only way, in their party, they could replace a woman of color is with another woman of color – and yes you heard it here first, the Democratic nominee for president will be Michelle Obama.”

The mention of the former First Lady drew boos from the energetic young crowd of conservatives.

Stone continued, “They have already rigged their primaries. The reason that they have cancelled their Iowa caucuses and their New Hampshire primary is to put South Carolina – a state where the majority of primary voters are African Americans – and they will allow Gavin Newsom to purchase the vice-presidential nomination.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has long been rumored to be on the brink of announcing a potential 2024 presidential candidacy, although that has not yet been confirmed.

Another unknown variable in the Democrat primary race is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has proven to be incredibly popular among Independent voters and Democrats. Per RSBN, 35 percent of Democrats today believe that Kennedy has a “strong” chance of winning the 2024 Democrat primary nomination, according to data from Rasmussen.

In the race for the Republican nomination, all signs seem to indicate that President Donald Trump will be the man who will face down the Democrat opponent who is chosen to take on the general election next year.

As reported by RSBN, Trump is gaining major steam in key swing states like North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, based on polling from Prime Group/Gephardt Group.

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