‘ROOT THIS CORRUPTION OUT!’ Kari Lake reacts to attempted bribe

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Arizona Kari Lake reacted to leaked audio from an alleged conversation between herself and Jeff DeWit, Arizona’s GOP chairman, where he reportedly attempted to bribe her into staying out of the race.

While speaking exclusively to RSBN’s Brian Glenn in Nashua, New Hampshire, during a watch party of the state’s primary results, Lake confirmed that the audio was “real,” warning that corruption like this is not just at the federal level, but also throughout the “state and local government.”

“One of the reasons President Trump is so beloved across this country—and frankly across the world—is because he is rooting out corruption,” said Lake.

“Our government is rotten to the core,” she added. “They’re tyrants, and we the people no longer have any control over our government.”

Lake further urged her state’s voters that “we need to work tirelessly to root this out,” telling corrupt politicians that she would “not stop coming for you.”

“No one who is corrupt is safe,” said Lake.

The audio, released exclusively from DailyMail.com, features what they have alleged is the voice of DeWit talking with Lake, telling her, “There are very powerful people who want to keep you out.”

Lake, who refused to accept a bribe of any amount, responded that if her political rivals were “going to steal the election to make me and our movement go away, I’m not letting them do that…”

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