‘SAVE JUSTICE’: Trump rails against ‘defamation sham’ and demands fairness

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump slammed the startling conflict of interest discovery in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, calling it a disgrace to the American justice system.

RSBN reported on the controversy over the revelation that Judge Lewis Kaplan was a mentor to Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, which was not disclosed in the court.

President Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, sent a letter to Judge Kaplan highlighting her concerns about the discovery and how it may influence his decision. 

In response to this link between the judge and the attorney, President Trump has expressed dismay at the situation on Truth Social.

On Tuesday, President Trump wrote, “I am in the process, along with my team, of interviewing various law firms to represent me in an Appeal of one of the most ridiculous and unfair Witch Hunts our Country has ever seen.” 

President Trump criticized Judge Kaplan, writing, “The defamation Sham presided over by a Clinton appointed, highly partisan, Trump-Hating Judge, Lewis Kaplan, who was, together with certain other Radical Left Democrat Judges, one of the most partisan and out of control activists that I have ever appeared before.” 

In addition, President Trump highlighted his frustrations with the judge.

Trump wrote:

”He was a ‘bully’ who demanded two trials, rather than one, denied me Due Process, would not allow me to put forth vital evidence (of which there was much!), and only allowed me to be on the witness stand for minutes, telling my lawyer what to ask, and telling me to only give one word answers, as his wife and friends sat in cordoned off front row seats watching with glee.” 

In closing, he called out the case and what it means for the country, “This entire HOAX is a disgrace to our American System of Justice. Any lawyer who takes a TRUMP CASE is either “CRAZY,” or a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. I will make my decision soon!

Later, the 45th president wrote on Truth Social, “SAVE JUSTICE IN AMERICA!!!”

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