Scathing Trump ad takes aim at skyrocketing inflation

by Summer Lane

In a brand-new, scathing ad emailed to supporters and donors, President Donald Trump rips Joe Biden on inflation.

An email from Trump’s Save America PAC states, “The Country, and the world, need to know what a FAILURE he [Biden] is. The Fake News won’t tell you, which is why it’s up to us to EXPOSE the truth.”

The ad, which pulls no punches, asserts that Biden is worse than President Jimmy Carter: “Biden picked up where he left off,” the ad says, “with America surrendering to terrorists, Biden’s foolish spending is causing inflation, which means more pain at the pump, higher prices on groceries, devaluing your retirement savings when you need it most.”

Most Americans have felt the sting of today’s hyperinflation. In fact, the consumer index report in October illustrated a 6.2 percent surge in prices across the country, making it the worst inflation spike in over 30 years. It does indeed look like Biden is presiding over the most disastrous American economic landscapes in decades as Americans are headed into the holidays with a serious supply chain crisis and skyrocketing price tags on every conceivable type of consumer goods and services in the country.

The ad continued that, “Once was a mistake, twice is a disaster.” Here, they are referring to President Jimmy Carter, and drawing the comparison that Biden is just as problematic on his economic and foreign policies as his predecessor so many years ago. Interestingly enough, Carter’s disastrous economic policies paved the way for the election of one of the most conservative presidents in modern history, President Ronald Reagan.

Trump’s ad holds no proverbial quarter, attacking Biden on his varied weaknesses and most humiliating moments, culminating in one final closing jab. “America needs strong leaders, not weak ones,” the ad goes on, showing video footage of Biden falling down the steps of Air Force One.

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