Sen. Ron Johnson Presses for Answers on Natural Immunity

by Libby Krieger

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson called for information regarding Joe Biden’s vaccine guidance for previously infected individuals who have obtained natural immunity from COVID-19.

Penning a letter to several top health officials, obtained by The Daily Caller, he blasted the current administration’s dismissal of natural immunity as an effective roadblock against infection.

“This administration’s decision to disregard the effectiveness of natural immunity and demand vaccination ignores current data and is an assault on all Americans’ civil liberties,” he wrote.

Biden did not mention an exception for those with natural immunity to his recent power grab rule to require private businesses with over 100 employees to mandate either the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing.

Sen. Johnson cited several studies in which the effectiveness of immunity via a previous infection was researched.

One study from La Jolla, Calif. revealed “that natural immunity may provide similar or even better protection than vaccines in the fight against COVID-19,” The Daily Caller reported.

The Republican senator’s demands not only relate to the concerns of many Americans with natural immunity but also to his own personal experience.

Johnson contracted COVID-19 and was tested seven months later, indicating he still had roughly the same amount of antibodies as an individual who received the Moderna vaccine, he said in the letter.

“The administration and these federal health agencies,” he wrote, “owe the American people answers about why they have made the decision to disregard the effectiveness of natural immunity and ignore current data.”

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