Speaker Vos makes shocking admission about Wisconsin’s 2020 election results

by Grace Saldana

After spending hours reviewing the evidence of fraud with attorneys and election integrity activists, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos now believes that election fraud tainted the outcome of the 2020 election.

Vos told reporters following the meeting on Wednesday, “I think there was widespread fraud. I think we are going to see more and more data that comes out as Justice Gableman continues his investigation.”

Vos was previously skeptical of the evidence; however, after pressure from voters and fellow Republican lawmakers, he decided to meet with the lawyers to “see if they can prove their case,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Despite Vos’s new perspective on election fraud permeating his state’s elections, the speaker maintained that he does not believe he has the power “to decertify any of the elections” whether he wants to or not. He clarified that his meeting with attorneys on Wednesday was simply to listen to those “who have differences of opinion,” the outlet reported.

Vos faces increasing pressure from his peers and constituents as Justice Michael Gableman, who is overseeing the state’s 2020 election audit, continues to expose the seemingly countless instances of election fraud and irregularities.

Earlier this month, Justice Gableman called on the state to recall the ten electoral votes awarded to Joe Biden in light of election-changing evidence of fraud.

Although Vos insists he does not have the authority to decertify the election or recall electoral votes, he says it is up to Wisconsin voters to decide the future of the state’s election laws and Republican Party.

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