The DOJ double standard: Hunter Biden and Donald Trump

by Preston Parra

Op-ed by Preston Parra | Photo: Alamy

When Donald J. Trump began his undertaking to claim the presidency, the left, along with the D.C. bureaucrats in windowless buildings, simultaneously initiated their effort to bring him down. From the Russia collusion hoax to the current-day prosecution for the events on Jan. 6, 2020, the swamp has made their distaste for President Trump overwhelmingly clear. 

The problem the 45th president’s adversaries typically face is that they have zero proof for their accusations, making prosecution difficult but not impossible. To surpass that obstacle, the left tends to play in the court of public opinion rather than an actual court of law. Winning over the support of the populous with inflammatory rhetoric using words like “incited,” “stormed,” and “provoked” are the left’s way of instigating widespread outrage. 

However, the question must be asked, why aren’t we seeing the same outrage over Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who has partaken in drug-fueled sexcapades and corrupt overseas business dealings with Ukraine?

While reading that statement, it could be construed that those words are just as inflammatory as the ones used against Trump, using the same style as the left. However, the main difference is the words utilized in the allegations against Hunter Biden are all rooted in proven evidence, while those used against Trump are not. 

Donald Trump has inspired the hearts of millions of Americans, encouraging many of those left voiceless with a mission to expose the deep state and reinvigorate the values that made America great to begin with. That mission infuriates those who have profited from taking advantage of the corruption that has festered throughout our nation at the behest of the crooked establishment in D.C. for years. This leaves the America First president with a tall order to defeat the decades-old political machine to give the United States a fighting chance to survive. 

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