True the Vote to release more evidence of FRAUD in August

by Summer Lane

Photo: Adobe Stock

True the Vote’s election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips revealed during an interview this week on GraceTime TV that the group would release more evidence of election fraud in just a few weeks.

In cohesion with True the Vote’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, Phillips will present “devastating” information and evidence to a select group of invitees during an event called “The Pit.”

The information presented, Phillips said, will contain all the data that was left on the cutting room floor after filming their hit documentary with Dinesh D’Souza, “2000 Mules.”

“The part that was left out of the movie, we have available,” Phillips said. He added that there will be thousands of documents and “millions of minutes of video.”

Phillips further stated that the information revealed will be “huge” and “very significant,” noting that the media, the “shadow government,” and to an extent, even some law enforcement “don’t want this meeting to happen.” He continued, “They don’t want The Pit to happen. They want us to fail – [but] there’s just no way this is gonna fail.”

Phillips referred to the information release as “The Ripcord.” He said, “We just decided to have one big meeting – we’re gonna bring everybody together.” Phillips added, “We’re gonna get it all together, get it all in one place, we’re just gonna let it go.”

He clarified that they would slowly begin sharing more information with the public and that invitations to “The Pit” had been sent. It is not entirely clear who will be invited, but Phillips described the group as “a hundred folks…who are influencers in their own right.”

“The challenge is that they [the media, etc.] have no idea what we have or planned,” he continued. “They have no idea how devastating some of these stories actually are.”

True the Vote initially was responsible for uncovering shocking evidence of a nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy that allegedly had election-changing consequences in key battleground states during the 2020 presidential election.

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