Trump addresses southern border crisis: ‘This is the destruction of our country’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took a moment to discuss the disastrous southern border crisis unfolding in the United States today in comments made on Just the News, No Noise with John Solomon and Amanda Head on Monday.

“Well, we had the safest border that we’ve ever had three years ago,” he said. “We’ve never had anything close to it. And it was an honor to have done it…And now we have the worst border, I think, in history.”

Trump pointed out that foreign nations were “dumping” migrants into the United States from “129 countries” and unleashing migrants from asylums and prisons.

“Millions of people are flowing in – I think the number’s going to be 15 million people, by the way, a number you haven’t heard,” he added.

Trump called the unfettered flow of illegal immigration “the destruction of our country,” and observed that not even a “third world country has a border like this.”

The 45th president additionally spoke about the various forms of “election fraud” and “election interference” that has taken place over the past few years, ranging from the collusion between the FBI and Twitter to the Durham Report and the open border crisis.

“If you don’t have elections and borders, as a country you’ve got yourself some real big problems,” he said.

The president recently ripped the Biden administration for its termination of the Covid-era Trump policy, Title 42, which allowed border and immigration authorities to expel illegal migrants without offering asylum.

“With today’s termination of the final remnants of Title 42, Joe Biden has officially abolished what remained of America’s borders and turned the United States into a dumping ground for illegal aliens from all over the world,” Trump stated upon the policy’s expiration.

He added, “We’ve become a third world nation. At this very moment, illegal aliens are lined up by the tens of thousands, ready to break into our country, knowing that even if they are caught, Joe Biden will order them immediately released into American communities and many of these people are very dangerous.”

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