Trump: America must ‘throw off the shackles of globalism’ and defeat the left

by Samantha Flom

President Donald J. Trump asserted that the time for a takedown of the “radical left socialist lunatics” is now while addressing attendees of CPAC 2022 in Dallas on Saturday. 

“We have to take this chance to shatter the corrupt Washington establishment once and for all,” Trump said.

“We have to run aggressive, unrelenting, and boldly populist campaigns … and we have to throw off the shackles of globalism and reassert two very important words,” he continued, adding that the two words were, “very simply, ‘America First.’”

Holding that a failure to act could result in America becoming “Venezuela on steroids,” the president said:

“America is on the edge of an abyss, and our movement is the only force on earth that can save it—this movement right here. What we do in the next few months and the next few years will determine whether American civilization will collapse and fail or whether it will triumph and thrive, frankly, like never before.”

“This is no time for complacency,” Trump added, noting that the left’s defeat must be “crippling.”

The remarks came on the heels of a successful week for the president as the primary wins of several Trump-endorsed candidates made clear that he is still the kingmaker in the Republican Party.

Celebrating his remarkable success record at a Save America rally in Wisconsin Friday night, Trump asked the crowd, “This week we’re 45 wins and no losses—is that good?”

And as the general election draws nearer and his chosen candidates continue to exceed the expectations of the mainstream media, more good news might be in store for Trump as the left’s “crippling” defeat may not be far off after all.

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