Trump arrives at ravaged southern border with one STRONG message: ‘We’re going to TAKE CARE OF IT’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump arrived in Texas on Thursday afternoon for his anticipated tour of the southern border crisis, elevating a simple but powerful message for Texans and Americans at large.

“Beautiful weather, beautiful day, but a very dangerous border,” he told reporters, via a clip from Fox News. “We’re going to TAKE CARE OF IT. Thank you.”

The president’s arrival in Eagle Pass also came just hours after he published an exclusive editorial in the Daily Mail, detailing how he would fix the horrific open border crisis that has been propagated by Joe Biden.

Ironically, Joe Biden also planned a trip to the southern border on Thursday, which Trump described as an attempt by Biden to chase him, “desperate to shirk blame for the catastrophe he has caused.”

Trump’s visit to the border is a stark contrast to Biden’s last-minute attempt to survey the horrifying damage that has led to the festering growth of drug trafficking, human trafficking, and violent crime in America.

Migrant children have also suffered tremendously under the Biden administration. For example, a shocking 85,000 migrant children have gone missing at the southern border, according to a statement made by 22 attorneys general in the United States, per Center Square.

Trump wrote in his op-ed, “When I was president, when illegal aliens trespassed across our border, they were captured, detained, and deported. When Joe Biden came into office, he willfully and deliberately obliterated every strong border policy I put into place, and launched the largest border invasion in American history.”

Joe Biden’s visit was scheduled to take place in Brownsville, Texas, where proud Trump supporters reportedly showed up in “FULL FORCE to greet Crooked Joe Biden” during his beleaguered border trip.

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