Trump avows he will be the ‘47th president’ during golf trip

by Laura Ramirez

President Trump avowed he will be the 47th U.S. president during a golf trip, a video posted Wednesday on social media shows. 

In the video, Trump walks to the first tee as one of the golfers says, “Now on the tee, the 45th president of the United States.” 

“45th and 47th,” Trump strikes back. 

The man behind the camera quickly responds, saying, “47th, yes! I love that,” as the surrounding players break out in applause. 

Trump has alluded to a 2024 presidential run for months, leaving all his supports eagerly waiting for the official announcement. 

During his first Save America Rally of the year in Florence, Ariz., Trump stirred the crowd by vowing to “stage a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

A comeback for the 45th president is highly anticipated as voters seem to favor Trump over any Republican or Democrat presidential nominee for the 2024 presidential race.

One of the latest Rasmussen Reports polls confirms Trump would crush Biden in a hypothetical 2024 match, with 46 percent of voters favoring Trump and only 40 percent Biden. 

As speculation rises whether Democrats will ditch Biden and rally behind Hillary Clinton in 2024, history could repeat itself as Trump polls ahead of Clinton, 51 percent to 41 percent, in another hypothetical 2024 match up. 

Biden’s meager approval numbers, together with Democrats’ declining support, could easily score Trump another presidential victory in 2024. 

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