Trump: California is a ‘winnable state’

by Summer Lane

President Trump surprised his audience at a Sunday night rally in Greenwood, Nebraska, by sharing his thoughts on California voters and elections, calling the Golden State a “winnable state.”

In his remarks, Trump attacked election fraud and cited “millions and millions and millions” of allegedly fraudulent paper ballots as a possible reason California has been a “blue” state for so long.

“You know, you take California,” he remarked, “I think we do much better in California…you know they all say that you lose by, automatically, by millions of votes. I don’t believe that.”

He continued, “I went to California for just one rally…I never saw a crowd like that…this crowd was massive.”

Interestingly, Trump’s comments about California come on the heels of a revelation about voter fraud on the West Coast from MyPillow CEO and election integrity warrior Mike Lindell.

In April, Lindell stated that California was the number one target of election fraud. During an interview, he told RSBN’s Liz Willis that 1.5 million votes in California were allegedly switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The 45th president continued in his comments: “I don’t believe California’s not a winnable state…I think if you had a fair election, I think it’s a very winnable state.” He added optimistically, “I think there are a lot of winnable states…I don’t think they’d [Democrats] win at all if we had fair elections.”

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