Trump calls for SAME-DAY voting

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump called for stronger standards of election integrity in the United States during remarks made at the American Freedom Tour near Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday night.

“Ultimately, we want same-day voting!” he told the cheering crowd. 

Trump opened his speech with a dig at the overwhelming, nationwide evidence of voter fraud and election irregularities that has come to light since November 2020. He also decried the use of mail-in ballots, quipping that votes are being cast “38 days in advance.” 

“We had a rigged and stolen election,” he said. Trump added, “We handed it [the country] off to this group [Biden administration], and they rode our coattails for a year and a half and now you see it’s all coming down…”

Mail-in ballots have created a dilemma for voters, especially in light of reports of nationwide election fraud enabled by mail-in ballots.

Trump drew attention to the smash-hit documentary from Dinesh D’Souza, “2000 Mules,” during his speech. 

The film examines evidence related to voter fraud committed via ballot trafficking “mules” that stuffed ballot drop-boxes with reportedly illegal mail-in ballots to sway election results. 

“You see it – everybody sees it,” Trump remarked, referring to staggering evidence that has surfaced throughout key states since 2020. “It’s out there to look at and we can never let this happen again…we have so much proof…”

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