Trump calls on ‘Republican establishment’ to unite against Joe Biden and kick RINOs to the curb

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump called on the “Republican establishment” on Saturday evening in Kissimmee, Florida, to unite behind his reelection bid and abandon support for “weak RINOs and Never-Trumpers that nobody wants on the ballot.”

During remarks at the Florida Freedom Summit, he encouraged unity, stating that GOP voters and the establishment itself needed to coalesce behind one candidate “that can withstand the attacks from the left.”

“Every dollar that we spend on these Never-Trump PACS is a dollar that’s being donated to reelect Joe Biden,” he explained.

He urged conservatives to pull together, stating, “We need to put EVERY dollar and EVERY bit of energy” into supporting one candidate.

Trump also pointed out that during the third GOP presidential debate, he would be holding a signature rally in Hialeah, Florida, telling the crowd that he hoped everyone would be there.

Although Florida is Gov. Ron DeSantis’s, R-Fla., home state, Trump pulled no punches in going after his GOP opponent, noting that the governor’s position in the polling was fading fast. He likened Gov. DeSantis’s downward spiral in the polls to “a wounded, falling bird from the sky.”

He insisted that GOP voters did indeed care about what he saw as DeSantis’s political disloyalty – considering the fact that Trump’s endorsement boosted the Florida governor’s initial election bid in the Sunshine State.

“THEY DO CARE,” he said.

In Florida, President Donald Trump has a sizeable lead over Gov. DeSantis, leading by 35 points in a GOP primary poll conducted in early October by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates.

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