Trump campaign flames failed ‘Bidenomics’ that have left Americans high and dry

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s campaign issued a scorching statement on Thursday that took a swing at Joe Biden’s failed economic policies in the United States.

They explained, “He [Biden] has insisted that American families are prospering and thriving under policies that he himself has branded and promoted as ‘Bidenomics.’ But the public has not been fooled.  They see Bidenomics for what it is: inflation, taxation, submission, and failure.”

According to a new poll from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School, only 34 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while 59 percent disapprove, USA Today reported.

The Trump campaign went on, “With polls confirming that Americans overwhelmingly reject Biden’s effort to whitewash his abysmal economic record, he will now attempt to reverse his message 180 degrees, ludicrously trying to blame President Trump for the destruction and misery that Joe Biden himself has wrought. Here is the truth. Americans were better off financially under President Trump.”

They highlighted President Trump’s economic success while in office, heralding the millions of jobs he created. “Upon taking office, Joe Biden and the radical left zealots staffing his White House systematically wrecked the booming Trump economic comeback they inherited,” the campaign decried.

Trump’s campaign also pointed out that Biden’s administration killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, added “hundreds of billions of dollars in regulatory burdens,” introduced a tax hike, and most catastrophically, left the southern border wide open.

Here are a few more negative Bidenenomics policies that the campaign spotlighted in their statement:

  • “$11.5 trillion” on “socialist spending bills” that cost the American taxpayer $30,000 per household,
  • “Cumulative inflation rate of nearly 20 percent,”
  • A decline in real incomes for three years, an increase in nationwide poverty, and astronomical prices on mortgages, car loans, and business loans.

Further, “In May 2021, shortly after taking office, Biden’s own budget proposal projected that the federal deficit would be 4.2% of GDP by FY2024. Now, Biden’s OMB projects that it will be nearly 7% of GDP. In other words, this fiscal calamity is entirely Joe Biden’s doing, caused by policies implemented under his administration. Under Biden, the federal deficit is projected to double this year alone. “

Trump’s campaign charged Biden with being responsible for the “most disastrous administration in American history” and reflected that Trump had, by contrast, “built the greatest economy in the history of the world.”

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