Trump clears the air and proclaims his love for Milwaukee

by Lisa Noeth

President Trump held a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, on June 18. Amid President Trump’s controversial claims that Milwaukee is a horrible city, he reaffirms to his supporters and the mainstream media his love for the people of Milwaukee. President Trump highlighted in his speech:

“I love Milwaukee! I was the one that picked Milwaukee, I have to tell you – the radical left lunatics, they lie, lie, lie.”

Thousands of supporters lined up in Racine for President Trump’s rally. Wisconsin supporters in the crowd roared with excitement: “We love Trump, we love Trump, we love Trump!”

Voters in Wisconsin are more concerned about the increase in crime and the direction of our country due to the influx of illegal immigration.

This clearly shows voters in Wisconsin stand strong in their support for President Trump to elect him as President for his second term.

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