Trump could self-pardon in 2024 if trial delays persist 

by Jason Collins

Analysis by Jason Collins | Photo: Alamy

In a bid to speed up the judicial process, federal Judge Aileen Cannon set a primary trial date for President Trump in August 2023. However, experts have stated that this preliminary date is unlikely to be used and that delays in the trial could allow President Trump to pardon himself if he wins in 2024. 

President Trump is currently facing 37 alleged federal charges dating back to speculated mishandling of important documents in 2020. However, by taking a look at the current rate at which the trial has moved, it is unlikely that President Trump’s trial date will be in August. Coupled with President Trump’s lead in the polls, a self-pardon may be an option, according to experts.

A former lawyer of President Trump, Tim Parlatore, has told news outlet Axios how long he thinks the trial will take. Parlatore said, “I wouldn’t foresee this thing getting tried within a year.”  

Others, like former Assistant Attorney General Andrew McCarthy, echoed this statement. McCarthy said in an interview, “I don’t see how it gets to trial before the November election.” 

Parlatore spoke about the tactical timing that President Trump’s lawyers will make use of, which typically includes plenty of challenges to delay the trial. In his interview, Parlatore theorized what he thinks President Trump’s lawyers will do. He said, “I can foresee some fairly substantive motions to dismiss” the case.

Parlatore added, “I could also see them going through several discovery motions, and there will be fights over disclosure. I think each round of motions is going to take three months.” 

The question on everybody’s mind is: can President Trump pardon himself? Assistant Professor of American Politics at American University, Jeffrey Crouch, gave CBS his opinion. Crouch explained, “No president has ever tried it, so we don’t know what the result would be if it was attempted.”

With the lead that President Trump currently has in the polls, it’s looking more likely that he will get the opportunity to do so.

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