Trump crushes Biden in all 7 swing states

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump’s lead in the polls is now ahead of Joe Biden in all seven swing states. 

According to the latest Emmerson Poll, released Tuesday, President Trump is up by one point in Michigan and Nevada, and two points in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

His lead is widening in other states. The 45th president is three points ahead of Biden in Georgia and four points in Arizona. In North Carolina, he’s got a five-point lead.

This comes after Friday’s Gallup Poll which revealed that Biden has the lowest approval rating on record. 

The poll placed his approval rating at just 38.7 percent in his 13th quarter in office. This is below George W. Bush, who holds the second lowest for the same period of time, and Barack Obama, who holds the third lowest. 

It is also below Jimmy Carter, of whom Biden’s economy has been compared to the most due to the continued economic hardship that has struck the nation since 2021. 

According to RSBN, inflation rose yet again in March raising concerns over an “inflation crisis.”

In addition, last week’s Harris/Harvard Poll found that just 1 in 3 voters believe the country and the economy are “on the right track.”

The lead that Democrats once held over Republicans in the nation is closing. The Pew Research Center reported that while Democrats once held a five-point lead with registered voters, they now host 49 percent of registered voters over Republicans’ 48 percent. 

In 2022, PBS reported that over 1 million registered voters left the Democrat Party and joined the GOP, displaying Americans’ frustration with leftist leadership. 

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