Trump did better than expected in his first term, voters say

by John Hanna

Photo: Alamy

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump posted on his Truth Social account a survey revealing that many voters are looking back on Trump’s first term more favorably now than they did four years ago.

NBC News asked voters how well Trump and Biden performed their roles as president, and the survey showed more voters favoring Trump’s presidency than Biden’s.

40 percent of voters said Trump was a better president than they expected. The same survey found voters looked more cynically at Biden’s presidency. Only 14 percent of voters who took the survey thought Biden’s administration performed better than expected, and 42 percent of voters considered Biden’s presidency worse than expected. 

Furthermore, Biden struggles to maintain support from his fellow Democrats, while Trump has built a more enthusiastic base. 30 percent of Democratic respondents believe the Biden administration exceeded their expectations, while 80 percent of Republicans said Trump’s time in office exceeded their expectations.  

President Trump has also gained more favor among Independent voters over Biden. Among Independent voters, 38 percent indicated the Trump administration went better than they expected, compared to only 6 percent of Independent voters said the same for the Biden administration. 

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