Trump draws big cheers and support from CNN town hall with one comment: ‘DRILL BABY DRILL’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump returned to the CNN stage on Wednesday for the first time since 2016, participating in a townhall where he answered questions from the audience and clearly demonstrated his control over the stage.

One debate attendee asked the president what he would do first to lower the cost of American goods and energy in the U.S. if he was elected as president again in 2024.

“Drill baby drill,” Trump declared, drawing huge cheers and applause from the crowd.

He also reflected on his successful first term in the White House. “We were energy independent, we were soon going to be energy dominant… we got oil down to $1.87…we had the greatest economy probably in the history of the world,” he added.

Trump was in fine form on Wednesday night, addressing tough topics like gun control, abortion, and the recent verdict out of New York in relation to the E. Jean Carroll case this week.

He said he had “never met” the woman and was adamant that the verdict was not going to affect women’s decision to vote for him because it was a “fake story.”

He also addressed Thursday’s scheduled termination of Title 42, as thousands of migrants have flooded to America’s southern border.

“Tomorrow is going to be a day of infamy,” he remarked.

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