Trump endorsements continue to dominate after latest Kentucky election

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron emerged victoriously as the state’s gubernatorial Republican primary winner on Tuesday.

Cameron bested 12 challengers including former U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft and Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles to secure the nomination. With his win, Cameron will face off against Governor Andy Beshear, D-K.Y., in November, though many consider defeating Beshear to be an uphill battle.

Despite being financially outmatched by Craft, Cameron overcame the millions of dollars spent by the GOP mega-donor while Craft’s high-dollar campaign placed third.

Although Donald Trump’s name was not on the bluegrass ballot, he was in the middle of the spotlight. Essentially, the primary battle served as a proxy-war between the 45th president and his likely competitor, Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

Trump-backed Cameron outperformed the DeSantis-endorsed Craft by an impressive margin. According to election results from Kentucky, Cameron netted 92,357 more votes than Craft who only received 17 percent of the votes. In his victory speech, Cameron made sure to tout his appreciation for President Trump’s support. “The Trump culture of winning is alive and well in Kentucky,” said Cameron.

Following Cameron’s victory, Trump responded in a post on Truth Social to congratulate him. “Congratulations to a “star” in Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, who easily won the Republican Nomination for Governor,” said Trump. The 45th president highlighted that Craft came in a “distant third.”

Moreover, he stated that “Ron’s magic is gone.”

The result of Kentucky’s GOP governor’s nomination reflects the latest polling conducted within the Bluegrass State. Reportedly, President Trump is dominating existing and expected primary challengers within the state. Similar data proves true in multiple states as Trump’s popularity magnifies across the nation.

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