Trump Endorses ‘MAGA Warrior’ Wendy Rogers for Arizona Senate

by Joshua Perry

Donald Trump, 45th president, announced Monday afternoon that he has given his endorsement, a high-end commodity, to Arizona state Senator, Wendy Rogers, for re-election. “Wendy is a warrior who loves out country,” said Trump.

Rogers skyrocketed to national stardom when she became one of the leading voices supporting an audit of the 2020 presidential election. The 5th generation military officer has unapologetically advocated for a forensic audit of Maricopa County, Ariz., one of the most contested counties for election integrity after uncanny behavior and fraudulent allegations were made.

Because ensuring fair elections is on the list of top priorities for Trump, he praised Rogers who he says “is doing everything in her power to find out the truth about the 2020 election.”

Not failing to end with Maricopa County, Rogers also drafted a petition to audit all 50 states of which over one million people have inked their signatures including a plethora of state legislatures. The conservative Trump supporter has been crisscrossing the nation to educate others on the corruption revealed in 2020. Most recently in September, Rogers teamed with Oklahoma U.S. Senate candidate, Jackson Lahmeyer, to headline an “Audit the Vote” rally in Tulsa, Okla.

Like President Trump, Rogers is a political brawler. If there is anything the real estate businessman respects, it’s someone that isn’t afraid to stand their ground in the ring of politics. Trump is confident that the “great fighting spirit” of Rogers will amplify an America First leadership within the Arizona state senate. For this reason, the man of Mar-a-Lago gives Rogers his “complete and total endorsement.”

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