Trump endorses Rep. Paul Gosar in Arizona congressional race

by Summer Lane

President Trump has officially endorsed Congressman Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., in the state’s upcoming congressional race, urging Arizonans to elect the America First supporter and Trump ally for a seventh term in Congress.

“Congressman Paul Gosar has been a loyal supporter of our America First agenda, and even more importantly, the USA,” Trump said in an official endorsement statement. “Paul is a Congressman who is highly respected in Arizona, strong on Crime, Borders, our Military, and our Veterans. He continually fights for Lower Taxes, Less Regulations, and our great, but under siege, Second Amendment. Paul Gosar as my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Rep. Gosar is currently serving his sixth term in Congress. According to his official campaign website, he also has a background in the medical field:

“Before being elected to Congress in 2010, Dr. Gosar owned his own dental practice and was a small businessman in Flagstaff for 25 years. Whether Dr. Gosar is in Washington fighting for his constituents, or back home working to find solutions to the problems facing the people of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District, he remains committed to ushering in a new era of government that empowers individuals and reforms bureaucratic procedures that are stifling job creation.”

Historically, any candidate endorsed by President Trump tends to perform very well on election day, as seen with Trump-endorsed candidates like Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, R-Va., and Rep. Mike Carey, R-Ohio, who soared to victory in their respective political races on Nov. 2.

Additionally, conservatives appear to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity among American voters. President Trump even boldly predicted major congressional victories in the upcoming 2022 midterms in a “massive red wave” in his remarks at the November National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) dinner in Tampa, Fla. in November.

Rep. Gosar is poised to win re-election in Arizona again, and with President Trump’s endorsement, his odds of victory are looking better every day.

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