Trump exposes ‘the Real Nikki Haley’ in new statement

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump released a scathing press release on Nikki Haley, former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor, after she announced her run for the White House in 2024. Haley is the first person to announce a presidential candidacy following Trump.

The press release, titled “The Real Nikki Haley,” explores a few of Haley’s controversial statements, including a time she said Hillary Clinton was the “reason” she was running for office during a 2012 interview with the New York Times.

Trump also condemned Haley’s stance on the Ukraine-Russia war: “Instead of finding a peaceful solution to the Ukraine-Russia War, Haley has supported sending more American fighter planes to fuel the war.” The statement adds that Haley did acknowledge in a Meet the Press interview that the conflict “never would have happened” under Trump Administration.

Trump also slammed Haley for being “weak” on immigration and opposing a border wall.

The statement reads:

“She [Haley] has been critical of ending birthright citizenship and building a wall along the Mexican border. (USA Today opinion, 9/5/15).

HALEY: ‘Legal Immigrants are more patriotic than most Americans these days.’ (Dom Giordano Show, 9/8/22).

Haley defended Barack Obama when President Trump criticized the former president on weak immigration policies that puts Americans at risk. (CNN, 1/13/16).

Haley’s deputy at the United Nations is a Never Trumper and helped Mark Zuckerberg create his open borders lobbying group. (Breitbart, 4/17/18).”

The press release also contained a Washington Post article from 2016 about a South Carolina lawmaker who introduced a bill that would mandate public and school restrooms in the state only be used based on the gender assigned at birth, which Haley didn’t “believe it’s necessary.”

Moreover, President Trump claimed that Haley has flipped flopped regarding the 2024 presidential race after initially saying that she would support Trump in another White House bid and affirming she “would not run if President Trump ran.”

As previously reported by RSBN, Haley posted a video on Twitter that officially announced her run for the White House Tuesday.

Nonetheless, the latest data from Morning Consult’s 2024 GOP Primary Tracker shows President Trump maintaining a steady lead in the GOP primary race, per RSBN.

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