Trump: ‘Fake News Media’ is ‘betting the ranch’ on Brian Kemp

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

On Monday, President Donald Trump said that the “Fake News Media” was “betting the ranch” on Georgia incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, R-Ga., ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

“The Fake News Media is ‘betting the ranch,’ on the worst Election Integrity Governor in the Country, Brian Kemp of Georgia, who handed the Dems two Senate seats and a big win in the State’s Presidential race,” Trump wrote in a statement on Truth Social.

He continued, “’True the Vote’ (2000 Mules) rated him ‘ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.’”

True the Vote is a voter integrity organization that has extensively investigated reports of nationwide ballot trafficking that took place during the 2020 presidential election. According to True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht, Gov. Kemp and his team “intentionally bobbed and weaved for the next seven months” after they presented evidence of ballot trafficking to his office.

Kemp’s alleged inaction on election fraud has been a sticking point with President Trump, who has previously called the incumbent governor a “turncoat” and a “coward.”

Additionally, Trump added that, “The LameStream Media won’t even talk about all of the many wins WE have had, including Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and MANY more. My Endorsement numbers, as they know, are unprecedented.”

Breitbart reported that Trump’s record of endorsements for GOP candidates currently sits at 81-3, with an impressive 23 victories and just two losses across Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Idaho and Kentucky over the last week alone.

Last week, President Trump decried a “phony” narrative being peddled by “Fake News NBC” that he had given up on David Perdue in Georgia – Trump’s endorsed GOP candidate going head-to-head against Kemp in the primary race. “That is completely FALSE,” he wrote.

While the primary race in Georgia is tightening up, Trump’s Truth Social statement projected confidence that the race will bring good results for those who would prefer to see Perdue prevail. “Kemp can’t win in General E!” Trump concluded.  

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