Trump flexes after victory, indicates he’ll likely put up cash for $175 million bond

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump scored a win on Monday morning when a panel of five appellate judges in New York ruled that he did not have to post almost half a billion dollars in bond to appeal Judge Arthur Engoron’s $454 million civil fraud judgment.

As previously reported by RSBN, Trump has ten days to post the $175 million bond, which the president said was “a lot of money still” but noted that he was committed to paying the bond in what appears to be “cash.”

On Monday, Trump spoke to the press twice – once, when he exited a pretrial hearing in the ongoing “hush money” case being overseen by Judge Juan Merchan, and again when he delivered a small press conference at 40 Wall Street.

When the press asked him what his collateral would be for the bond outside of Merchan’s courtroom, Trump turned around and answered, “Cash.”

He then later expanded on his answer when he responded to a similar question from another member of the press. He said, “Well as I said, I have a lot of cash. You know I do, because you’ve looked at my statements, I mean, you’ve been examining them for a long time. But I have much more than that in cash.”

Trump added, “But I would also like to use some of my cash to get elected. They don’t WANT me to use my cash to get elected…They don’t want me taking cashing out use it for the campaign.”

The president railed against Judge Engoron, calling him “corrupt” and stating that his legal battles throughout 2023 and 2024 were simply “election interference.”

He did, however, note that he “greatly” respected the decision of the appellate court and would pay that bond “very quickly.”

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