Trump foreshadows big WIN in Iowa: ‘We’re going to CRUSH Joe Biden’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump took Sioux City, Iowa, by storm on Sunday afternoon, where he spoke at the regal Orpheum Theatre to countless eager supporters. He foreshadowed the upcoming Iowa caucuses, which will be held on January 15.

“We’re going to WIN the Iowa caucuses,” he vowed.

He touted the Hawkeye State’s “first in the nation” status and noted the 78-day countdown until the caucuses begin, which will lead the way for the primary election in 2024.

The president warned that his political opponents “cheat” in the general election, offering, “You know how you beat cheaters? You have to SWAMP them!”  

He continued, “We’re going to CRUSH Joe Biden next November and we’re going to make America great again – we’re going to put America FIRST.”

President Trump also derided the failing state of America, slamming the “corrupt justice system” and the rapidly escalating violence around the world, zeroing in on the conflict that has been ongoing in Ukraine and now, between Israel and Hamas.

“…Our constitution is being ripped to shreds, Israel is under attack and now we have terrorist sympathizers chanting their jihad slogans in our streets,” he said.

Despite the troubles that the U.S. is facing today, he pledged a return to American greatness upon a successful presidential bid in 2024.

He added, “With your vote, we will defend our country, we will defend our Judeo-Christian values and we will defend Western civilization.”

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