Trump gives update on his civil fraud trial in NY 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump voluntarily attended the proceedings of the civil fraud trial at the Manhattan courthouse for the second time this week and gave an update on the trial.

The $250 million court case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against President Trump alleges that President Trump was involved in fraudulent business activities related to the Trump Organization.

President Trump has been very vocal about his feelings on the sham trial, calling it political persecution, as reported by RSBN.

After a no-show from his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, at Tuesday’s proceedings, President Trump attended again on Wednesday and had this to say on Truth Social: “The New York State A.G., Letitia James, who sued me on a Statute NEVER USED BEFORE for such a case, had a bad day in the RIGGED trial going on in Lower Manhattan.” 

President Trump explained further why the day in court was a disaster: “Her appraiser witness was a disaster on the stand, and her ridiculous valuations were shown to be incorrect, without even discussing the $18,000,000 Value she ascribes to Mar-a-Lago.” In response to Doug Larson’s, a real estate appraiser, testimony.  

During this testimony, President Trump had gotten frustrated with lies but was told by Judge Arthur Engoron to be quiet, as reported by Axios. The frustration was caused by Larson’s lies, which were exposed by President Trump’s lawyer, Lazaro Fields. Afterward, the Guardian reported what President Trump said about Larson’s testimony: “See what’s happened? The government lied. They just lie. They didn’t reveal all of the information that they had. They didn’t reveal all the evidence that made me totally innocent of anything that they say.”

President Trump wrote further on the nature of the lawsuit, “This trial is a giant Democrat Scam, with a Trump/Developer hating Judge who does whatever Letitia demands.”

Referring to Engoron, he explained, “He is totally afraid of her, but fortunately has been overturned on many occasions by the Court of Appeals, including in our case, WHICH DECISION HE REFUSES TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE -Showing great disrespect to the Appellate Court.“

In closing, President Trump warned supporters and local businesses, “Businesses are watching this Witch Hunt Trial, and moving out of New York – And definitely not moving in!” 

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