Trump gives victory speech in Las Vegas: ‘We’re not going to have a failing nation much longer’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump hit a home run in the great state of Nevada on Thursday night, netting a historic 97.9 percent of the vote in the Silver State GOP caucus.

He came out late in the evening to give winning remarks to a crowd of excited supporters, thanking the state for their support and setting his sights on the general election.

The president said that the journey in Nevada was “incredible right from the beginning” and noted, “I just want to say, that this has been an incredible period of time for our country, [and] I think, for our world.”

He promised, “We’re going to bring it [America] back fast and we’re going to bring it back strong, very, very strong.”

The president noted that it was “sad” to see the death and destruction that has gone on in the country and the world since he left office.

“This country does not have leadership…it’s lost its way – it’s a failing nation,” he lamented.

However, he added a ray of hope to his comments. “We’re not going to have a failing nation much longer,” he promised.

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