Trump has FOUR words to describe Biden: ‘STONE COLD CORRUPT THIEF’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump unflinchingly called out Joe Biden for what many Americans also believe the man in the Oval Office to be: a “STONE COLD CORRUPT THIEF.”

Trump’s comments were made in Iowa on Friday during a speech in Council Bluffs, where he spoke to a room full of eager MAGA patriots who showed up to support the president’s 2024 presidential reelection bid.

Trump noted that Joe Biden was “corrupt” enough to have his political opponent arrested because he is “leading him substantially in the polls.” The president was referring to the federal investigation into the purported “classified” documents taken by the FBI last year during a shocking raid at Mar-a-Lago.

The president called the indictments “all bull****,” noting that the political persecution was why his poll numbers have continued to skyrocket.

Trump’s comments also come amid an ongoing House investigation into mountains of evidence surrounding alleged dirty business dealings linked to the Biden family and foreign power players.

Earlier in his remarks, President Trump additionally joked that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., had once told him that the “dumbest” person in the U.S. Senate years ago was then-Senator Joe Biden.

Despite the Biden’s alleged corruption and the startling weaponization of the justice system, the president remained optimistic.

Trump declared that in 2024, “We’re going to WIN because we have NO CHOICE.”

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