Trump heads back to New York for civil fraud trial

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump confirmed on Tuesday that he would be heading back to Manhattan to attend an ongoing civil fraud trial that he has argued is nothing more than political persecution that “emanates from Washington” amid his reelection campaign.

On Truth Social, the president wrote, “I will be attending the trial in Manhattan this morning. I greatly appreciate all of the legal professors and scholars that are saying I DID NOTHING WRONG.”

The trial in New York continues a case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The suit alleges that the president engaged in fraudulent business activity pertaining to the Trump Organization.

Per Axios, Trump’s appearance in New York on Tuesday will be his fourth time sitting for the trial, which clocks in at $250 million.

In his statement on Truth Social, President Trump added, “I can’t have a JURY and am being viciously tried under a Statute that has never been used before. The Radical Left Democrat Judge, WHO IS HIGHLY POLITICAL, serves as Judge, Jury, and everything else.”

As reported by RSBN, Trump will not receive a jury trial in the civil fraud case, telling the press on the first day of the initial proceedings in early October, “As you know, we’re not entitled to a jury – which is pretty unusual in the United States of America.”

On Truth Social, Trump stated that America “cannot let this happen,” lamenting the process he has endured at the hands of the New York legal system. “Our legal system is corrupt and broken! Everything emanates from Washington, ‘GET TRUMP,’” he explained.

Axios reported that the president’s attendance at the civil trial in New York would have intersected with the testimony of Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer. However, Cohen apparently delayed his testimony due to a reported medical condition.

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