Trump highlights failed ‘Bidenomics,’ pledges to kick start the economy before Christmas 2024

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump highlighted the economic hardships faced by Americans this holiday season, wishing Iowans a Merry Christmas on Wednesday evening in Coralville, and promising to bring back the nation’s prosperity starting before Christmas 2024, shortly following a prospective general election victory.

He explained, “We will have the US economy roaring back and in 2025 we will have one of the greatest economic years this nation has ever recorded. People from all over the world will stop coming to the border…because they won’t be able to get through.”

The president made his remarks at a Team Trump Iowa Commit to Caucus event, where he further commented that Joe Biden’s administration “is running on the fumes of the great success of the Trump administration.”

He explained, “Without us, this thing would have crashed to levels never seen before, and if we are not elected, we’ll have a Depression very much like the Depression of 1929.”

Trump called Biden a “low-IQ individual” who “truly is the worst.”

The 45th president also pointed out that “this holiday season, families all across America are struggling under the brutal weight of Bidenomics.”

“I will revoke China’s most favored trade status,” Trump promised, stating that his administration would also kick off a “rebirth of loyalty to the American farmer.”

Trump additionally focused on getting energy prices down by drilling for oil domestically “as part of our common sense energy policies.”

He explained that his policies were simply “common sense.” He added that it was all common sense, “whether it’s borders or energy or taxes or anything else.”

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