Trump highlights his record helping Black Americans soar to new heights

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump elevated his sterling record of helping African Americans during his successful administration in the White House on Friday evening, speaking to a room full of conservatives during a special gala hosted by the Black Conservative Federation in South Carolina.

“Joe Biden and the radical left have abandoned EVERYTHING Black Americans care about,” he said. “They’ve really let you down…they’ve thrown Black Americans OVERBOARD.”

He continued, “I and the Republican Party will fight for the Black community like you’ve never had ANYBODY fight for you before.”

The president vowed to the Black conservatives in attendance, “You will NEVER be taken for granted.”

He pointed out that while he was in office, the country experienced the “lowest African American unemployment” in U.S. history. He also said that he created at least 1.2 million more jobs for Black Americans and kickstarted the “largest increase in home ownership ever recorded” for that demographic.

He further reminded the audience that he secured “record funding for Black colleges and universities” while in the Oval Office.
The president further said that, in November, “Black Americans are going to tell Crooked Joe Biden…‘You’re fired!’”

President Trump also added that in November, Black Americans should not feel one ounce of loyalty to Joe Biden. He said, “You owe Crooked Joe Biden ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You don’t owe him a THING.”

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