Trump hits ‘Crooked Joe’ for China business dealings: ‘They know more about him than we do’

by Summer Lane

President Trump took a shot at Joe Biden on Thursday evening in Houston, Texas, slamming him for being compromised with his alleged business dealings with foreign countries like China.

“It was just proven by House Republicans that Joe Biden personally received vast sums of money directly from China,” Trump said.

He joked that the people of China “know more about him than we do!”

Trump slammed Biden for putting China, Russia, and Venezuela first while turning a blind eye to the needs of America. He also stated that the oil that is being shipped into the United States right now from Venezuela is “tar,” and noted that there was only “one refinery in the country” that could process it: “Houston, Texas!”

Preceding his comments, he scorched the “Biden Crime Family” for taking “millions and millions of dollars from China.”

In his energy-heavy remarks, President Trump attacked Biden’s record of failure on oil, gas, and environmentalism.

“Biden surrendered our energy production to foreign producers just like he surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban,” Trump pointed out.

Trump also added on Thursday, “Biden’s policies are good for CHINA but they’re not good for AMERICA!”

The 45th president vowed to accelerate an American “manufacturing resurgence” that would kick-start the floundering economy.

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