Trump: ‘I should not be forced to campaign from inside a courthouse’

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump pulled no punches in his recent statements against Joe Biden, accusing his former opponent of “WEAPONIZING” the government to bring politically charged investigations against him as a deterrence to his campaign.

In a statement to his Truth Social on Wednesday, Trump warned that this weaponization would not only open a “very big and dangerous Pandora’s Box” but also propel him further towards the presidency.

“I’m 12 Points up on Crooked Joe Biden,” he wrote, “But he’s got the Justice Department and others suing me wherever and whenever possible – WEAPONIZATION, it’s called, and maybe that can make a difference.”

Trump is beating Biden in nearly all swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, according to a New York Times/Siena College survey released earlier this month.

As reported by RSBN, Trump would easily dominate his former opponent in a rematch with more than 300 electoral votes should the date hold steady before next November.

Nevertheless, Trump accused his rival of using “Election Interfering Thugs” to block his candidacy with endless lawsuits, forcing him to “campaign from inside a courthouse” instead of rallying with supporters on the campaign trail.

“As the leader of the Opposition Party, I should not be forced to campaign from inside a courthouse,” he wrote, “which is very doable, but not very Democratic or convenient.”

Trump further maintained that the lawsuits were solely for political gain and that his opponents “want it to be a problem” for him in order to ensure a win for Democrats in 2024.

“If they filed these cases years ago, which they could have, this would not be a problem,” Trump wrote. “But they want it to be a problem because they are BAD!”

“Voters have, and will, reject it,” Trump ended. “To ALL Democrats, be careful what you wish for. God Bless America!”

According to the Associated Press, Trump faces criminal cases across Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia, and New York, and 91 total felony counts against him across these four cases.

Two of the cases are spearheaded by Special Counsel Jack Smith, an appointee of Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was tapped last year to investigate President Trump.

Trump recently called Garland and Smith’s recent indictments “Biden indictments,” telling NBC’s Meet the Press during a recent interview that his rival called on the Justice Department to indict him in order to damage his campaign.

Garland has denied these claims and told Congress in September that “no one” ever told him to indict Trump. However, Biden told reporters last fall that he would use the legal measures at his disposal to stop Trump from winning in 2024.

“I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again,” Biden said during a rare press conference last November.

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