Trump: ‘If you want a president who puts America FIRST, then DEFEAT Nikki Haley’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made one final campaign push in the great state of South Carolina on Friday afternoon, asking Republican primary voters to show up in huge numbers on Saturday and bring home a massive win for his GOP presidential candidacy.

“If you want a president who puts America FIRST, then DEFEAT Nikki Haley!” he said.

The president’s comments were delivered in Rock Hill at a crowded and energetic “Get Out the Vote Rally” just one day before the anticipated state GOP primary, where the former Republican Governor, Nikki Haley, is lagging substantially in the polls behind Trump.

“You’ve got to go out, you’ve got to VOTE!” Trump urged, stating that a victory on Saturday would send a “signal” for November.

“We’re going to do great tomorrow,” he said earlier in the speech but made sure that he emphasized how important it was to avoid complacency. “It’s REALLY important that you get out and vote,” he reiterated.

He slammed Haley for going back on her promise to “never run” against Trump in the same GOP race. “She’s so bad,” he quipped.

He accused her of being funded by the Democrats. “She’s essentially a Democrat,” he said. “I think she should probably switch parties.”

According to the most recent Suffolk University/USA Today survey, Trump is holding a 28-point lead among GOP primary voters in South Carolina headed into Saturday’s state primary election.

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