Trump: ‘I’m fighting for 300 million people!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump headed to court on Tuesday for yet another day in the “Biden Trial” in Manhattan, where a weeks-long criminal case is reaching its final stages.

According to the Associated Press, jurors were dismissed early on Tuesday and instructed that they would not return until next week, following the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Final arguments are also expected to be delivered sometime next week.

Trump told the press upon arriving at the courthouse, “Every single scholar says there’s been no crime, he’s done nothing wrong. And I’m fighting for 300 million people. I mean, I have no choice, it’s not that I like doing this, sitting in an icebox all day for seven, eight, nine hours.”

He added, “I’m doing this because our country needs it. Our Constitution’s under threat…so here I am.”

The defense rested on Tuesday, and President Trump did not take the witness stand. Bob Costello, who formerly worked as Michael Cohen’s lawyer, provided testimony.

Outside the courtroom, Trump allies like former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, held a brief press conference and addressed the ongoing lawfare.

“It’s insane and it has to stop,” Donald Trump Jr. told reporters in a brief comment.

Judge Merchan told the jurors that it would take him around an hour to issue their instructions, likely next week, after closing arguments in the case have been made, per the AP.

It looks like Merchan declined to dismiss the case, which President Trump stated on Monday would have been a chance to make a “Big, Bold, Beautiful, but Highly Unexpected, yet BRILLIANT step toward Justice in New York, and our Nation as a whole!”

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