Trump is the only Republican that can defeat Biden

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate that can defeat Joe Biden in a 2024 matchup, according to polling.

The new political sentiment tracker released by Premise confirms that voters believe the 45th president is the best option for the GOP to win the next presidential election.

When asked their preference, Americans chose President Trump over Joe Biden to lead the country. The concluding results polled a victorious Trump at 43 percent with Biden trailing at 38 percent.

In the opposite fashion, Governor DeSantis, R-Fla., did not receive the same confidence from the surveyed group. In a general election contest, 37 percent said they preferred Joe Biden in comparison to the 33 percent that prefer the Florida governor.

Additionally, Trump is a strong favorite among Republicans in the race to become the party’s presidential nominee.

According to the poll, Donald Trump overshadows all other primary challengers with a commanding lead of 58 percent. Governor DeSantis placed second with an overwhelming 37-point deficit to Trump. Continuing, former Vice President Mike Pence placed third at 5 percent followed by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at just 3 percent.

Furthermore, the popularity of Trump is emphatically on display in a hypothetical primary bout between him and DeSantis. As the survey shows, President Trump wins with an outstanding 61 percent of voters over the 26 percent of people that chose DeSantis.

Undoubtedly, President Trump remains the front-running Republican candidate as his likeability continues to spread across the nation. In dominating style, Trump leads his rivals in Texas, Kentucky, and Iowa. In addition, the Florida resident is even toppling Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Sunshine State.

Despite recent legal battles that many perceive to be another attempt to smear President Trump, voters are siding with him as the road to the White House is underway.

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