Trump kicks off 2024 campaign in New Hampshire with fighting spirit: ‘I’m more angry now and I’m more committed now than I ever was’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign in Salem, New Hampshire, on Saturday, addressing the New Hampshire Republican State Committee as the keynote speaker.

“I’m more angry now and I’m more committed now than I ever was,” Trump told the crowd, smacking down mainstream claims that he hasn’t been campaigning hard enough.

Enthusiastic supporters greeted Trump in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Trump addressed the chaos and destruction inflicted on the U.S. by the Biden administration, noting that the assault on American liberty at the behest of Democrats could be boiled down to two major reasons. One, “they’re stupid, which they’re not, because they’re great at cheating at elections…or they hate our country.”

The 45th president also heralded his incredible poll numbers with the election nearly two years away. “We don’t do prevent defense,” he quipped. “We just keep defending.”

Trump also announced during his remarks that New Hampshire GOP Chair Stephen Stepanek would be joining his presidential campaign as a senior advisor after today’s announcement of a new GOP chair in the Granite State.  

“We’re going to defeat Joe Biden and the radical democrats – these are radical left people I think in many cases they’re Marxists and communists,” he said.

The president touched on several of his most popular policy pitches, calling for nationwide voter ID, educational reform, and a buttoning up of the southern border.

“We have open borders that should be closed – it’s April Fool’s Day,” he remarked.

He noted that as president, he would ask Congress to establish criminal penalties for any future administration that releases millions of people into the United States. “They poisoned our country, the people who launched this invasion,” he said. “We believe those people belong in JAIL – something has to happen.”

President Trump also promised that he would be holding rallies “very soon,” and noted that his events were “bigger” and “hotter” than ever before, with American voters rallying incredible enthusiasm for the MAGA movement heading into 2024.

He quipped again of the corruption and failures of the Biden administration, “I think of the United States every day as April Fool’s Day.”

Trump promised to “root out the Deep State” and stop the weaponization of federal agencies. He added that “this is just the beginning of our agenda – I look forward to returning [to New Hampshire] many times.”

“As they say in New Hampshire,” he concluded, “live free or die.”

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