Trump launches new ad highlighting his presidency

by Timothy Frudd

President Donald Trump released a brand-new advertisement Monday, highlighting some of his major accomplishments as the 45th President of the United States.

The ad begins with an overview of three historic achievements during the Trump administration. The narrator of the video states, “President Donald Trump built America’s greatest economy, stamped out ISIS, and created a vaccine in record time, saving millions of lives.”

As Americans are struggling with record inflation, the threat of war breaking out between Russia and Ukraine, soaring gas prices, and the continued Covid-19 pandemic, the tone of the nation has been mostly negative in recent months.

In light of this, Trump’s video can perhaps boost the morale of the American people, as they are reminded of America’s potential for greatness. America was strong under President Trump, and America has the potential to be strong once again. During his most recent rally in Arizona, Trump promised that America would, “Stage a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

This year, in the 2022 midterms, the American people have the opportunity to make significant changes in this nation and send a message to those in positions of leadership. Voters will have a chance to elect leaders who will strengthen America and help navigate the many challenges currently facing the nation.

Halfway through Trump’s ad, the tone of the video changes, shifting to the negative actions of the “swamp” in Washington. After explaining how the 45th president worked to make America great, the advertisement says, “But the swamp fought him every step of the way. The Russia hoax, phony impeachment, and now politically motivated business investigations-anything to stop him.”

The Washington establishment has tried everything in their power to discredit President Trump and prevent him from continuing to share his message with the American people. However, while Democrats continue to push for investigations into the 45th president, Trump continues to motivate millions of Americans across the country. Currently, he is preparing for another massive rally in Texas on Jan. 29.

The advertisement warns Americans, “Our future is at stake.” Finally, it concludes with hope, saying, “Join us, and together we will make America great again.”

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