Trump on how to combat fraud: ‘SWAMP THEM WITH VOTES’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump advised the American people on how to fight back against a rigged election system in tomorrow’s midterm elections, urging them to “SWAMP THEM WITH VOTES.”

During an anticipated Election Eve rally in Vandalia, Ohio on Monday, President Trump slammed the corruption of America’s election systems.

Trump discussed the problem of election fraud during Monday’s rally.

“This stuff with 48 days to vote, and then they take boxes of ballots and they put ’em here and they take a wheelbarrow full and put them there…nobody knows what’s going on!” he quipped, speaking to the madness of mail-in ballots.


The president pointed out that America had “the most corrupt system,” and that we needed “people who are really tough and really smart” to “solve this problem.”

“One way you can help is by just swamping them with good votes,” Trump advised, speaking to the question of how to overcome the potential for fraud. “…We have to get out there and SWAMP them with votes!”

He continued, “The more you get, the harder it is [to cheat].”

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