Trump on saving unborn babies: ‘I was able to kill Roe v. Wade’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Op-ed by Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s stance on saving unborn babies was clear during his first term in office and remains clear as he campaigns for the 2024 election. 

His commitment to protecting unborn babies was reinforced in his recent Truth Social post, which stated, “After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the ‘shock’ of everyone, and for the first time put the Pro Life movement in a strong negotiating position over the Radicals that are willing to kill babies even into their 9th month, and beyond.”

This was mentioned during his CNN interview, in which the crowd cheered and applauded for him, per RSBN.

The Roe v. Wade ruling allowed abortion to not only become accessible, but normalized.

For decades, the argument over when an unborn baby is considered a human being with thoughts, feelings, and human rights had been degraded to the point that women were even celebrating their abortions, according to the Daily Wire. Meanwhile, leftist leaders were heralded for pushing through second, and even third-term abortion policies — which inflicted pain and suffering on countless unborn babies. 

Under Roe v. Wade, states were also less likely to prosecute crimes connected to abortion, according to Evie Magazine.

President Trump revived the pro-life movement with his dedication to the cause of saving babies and supporting the American family. He also appointed three pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and they are the true heroes for Americans committed to protecting the most vulnerable of human lives.

In addition, Roe v. Wade was a concern for Americans who support states’ rights over federal government overreach because it allowed the federal government to overstep its boundaries by interfering in state issues.

During his first term in office, President Trump worked to ensure that local and state governments are able to serve their populations with less federal oversight in order to ensure that Americans are free to live their lives based on their local values, ideals, and culture.

As he put it, “Without me the pro Life movement would have just kept losing. Thank you President TRUMP!!!”

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