Trump poised to win California delegates to all but secure presidential nomination 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump is dominating his Republican rivals by such a large lead that a recent survey shows he is poised to win all of California’s delegates. 

The Los Angeles Times shared the results of a poll conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, which showed that President Trump is set to win all of California’s delegates for the Republican convention next year.

The director of the UC Berkeley poll, Mark DiCamillo, said, “Californians have turned away, by and large, from DeSantis. The biggest beneficiary of DeSantis’ decline is the former president. There’s no question he’s well-liked by the Republican base.”

The results from the poll show that 55 percent of Republicans in California would vote for President Trump. DiCamillo explains what this would mean for President Trump, “Capturing all of California’s delegates would give Trump a huge advantage over the rest of the field,” according to the LA Times.

This huge advantage can translate into a win thanks to the new rule change in July. The new rule states that if a candidate wins more than 50 percent of votes, they can claim all 169 delegates, the outlet reported. This will bring President Trump one step closer to being reelected and leaving his opponents in the dust. 

California is not the only state that President Trump is dominating. He is currently ahead in New Hampshire by a large lead, a 40-point gap.

RSBN reported that President Trump has won an impressive 47 percent of the GOP voter’s support, while Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., sits in second place with 10 percent of the votes. President Trump also has a huge 39-point lead in Mississippi and an over 40-point lead in Illinois.

President Trump dominates the polls nationwide despite having to fend off attacks from political opponents and several indictments.

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