Trump promises to ‘rebuild’ American cities ‘better than they’ve ever been before’

by Alex Caldwell

President Donald Trump promised rally goers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday that he would “rebuild” American cities “better than they’ve ever been before.”

“We’re going to rebuild our cities into beacons of hope, safety, and beauty better than they have ever been before, and that includes the place that we have to be in right now,” said President Trump. “And I’ll deal with Democrat governors, and I’ll deal with Democrat mayors because that’s what I have.”

He continued, “We’re gonna rebuild our cities better than they’ve ever been before.”

The 45th president then promised to “takeover our horribly run capital in Washington D.C.,” and “clean it up, renovate it, and rebuild our capital so that it’s no longer a nightmare of murder and crime, but rather it will become the most beautiful capital of anywhere in the world.”

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