Trump promises to return production of cancer drugs, essential medicines to U.S.

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump promised to return the production of “essential medicines” to the United States in a new Agenda47 policy video this week, vowing to end the drug shortages that have plagued the nation under the Biden regime.

The president explained, “Under crooked Joe Biden, there has been a catastrophic increase in shortages of essential medicines. Last year, new drug shortages were up by 30 percent with 295 active drug shortages, just by the end of 2022 alone. It’s a mess.”

This is another step in the president’s plan to dismantle the crestfallen medical landscape in the United States. In June, he pledged to come after Big Pharma and halt “global freeloading” to bring medication prices down domestically.

On Monday, Trump explained that to bring essential medicines back into the U.S., he would utilize his strategy to obtain “total independence from China” as a pressure point for returning medicine production to America.

Trump stated, “As part of my plan to obtain total independence from China, we will phase in tariffs and import restrictions to bring back production of all essential medicines to the United States of America where they belong. I signed an executive order to begin this process in 2020 but Biden has shamefully failed to follow through. He wants it ended. He wants to take care of China.”

Trump also noted that there was a shortage of “at least 14 cancer drugs in the United States,” which increases the risk of cancer-related death by “at least 10 percent.”

He called the current medicine shortage in the U.S. a “national security crisis” as well as a public health crisis.”

He concluded, “This is a matter of tremendous urgency. American lives are on the line, and it will be one of my top priorities as president. It will also create countless new American jobs.”

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