Trump promises Truth Social will NOT shadow ban or censor speech

by Gary Smith

President Trump pledges that Truth Social, his social media platform, will be a true template of free speech for the “public square of our times,” ahead of its November beta launch.

In a statement published Tuesday, President Trump said that “unlike with the Big Tech platforms, there will be no shadow-banning, throttling, demonetizing, or messing with algorithms for political manipulation,” on Truth Social.

“We will not be treating users like lab rats for social experiments, or labeling alternative views as ‘disinformation,’” he continued. “We will not silence our fellow citizens simply because they might be wrong — or worse, because we think that Americans ‘can’t handle the truth.’”

President Trump said these forms of censorship have been heavily abused by a small group of “self-righteous scolds, self-appointed arbiters, Big Tech giants and Big media bosses” who have conspired together to dominate Americans’ capability to speak and think freely.

He specifically noted the example of how medical doctors have been muzzled and banned for challenging the status quo of care, treatment, and triage during the pandemic. 

“We have fallen far down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship in our country, and the topics that Americans are increasingly forbidden to debate are among the most important issues of our day,” the 45th president said.

“It’s a tremendously difficult set of challenges — and I realized I might be the only person in America with the megaphone, the resources, the experience, and the desire to make it all happen,” President Trump continued. “So with the same ‘can-do’ spirit that has always allowed Americans to persevere, that is exactly what I am doing.”

In addition to protecting speech, he said that he also plans to “create ‘cancel-proof’ alternatives in areas ranging from web services to payment processing,” under the umbrella of Trump Media & Technology Group.

“This is about saving our country,” President Trump resolutely added.

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