Trump rails against Democrat-run ‘war zones’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

45th President Donald Trump focused heavily on law and order, railing against Democrat-run “war zones” in his keynote speech at the America First Policy Institute Annual Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

Marking the first time Trump returned to the nation’s capital since leaving the White House, Trump ripped Democrats’ disastrous policies that have led to increased crime and violence across the country.

“We’re living in such a different country,” the president said. “The one primary reason there is no longer respect for the law, and there certainly is no order, our country is now a cesspool of crime. We have blood, death, and suffering on a scale, once unthinkable, because of the Democrat Party’s effort to destroy and dismantle law enforcement all throughout America. It has to stop and it has to stop now.”

“If we don’t have safety, we don’t have freedom, we don’t have a country,” Trump stated. His remarks come amid a spike in homicide rates in multiple cities across the nation, which he predicted would happen under a Joe Biden presidency.

Trump also said, “it’s time to get brutally tough on the dealers and traffickers and narcoterrorism cartels who are stealing over 200,000 American lives a year.” He also called to secure the southern border.

“Our open borders are a gaping wound allowing drugs, gangs, child traffickers, human smugglers, and tens of thousands of dangerous criminals to pour into our country,” the 45th president added, referring to an influx of illegal immigrants approaching the southern border.

As supporters anxiously await Trump’s 2024 decision, the 45th president hinted at another potential presidential run during the speech, saying we have “to save our country.”

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