Trump reflects on the history of his strong stance against terrorists

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

Former President Donald Trump took to social media on Monday to remind citizens that his administration had some of the toughest policies against terrorists, eliminating key leaders in order to protect the country.

During a morning segment of Fox & Friends, Trump claimed that the hosts had discussed Ronald Reagan and George Bush’s “tough policy against terrorists.” However, Trump pointed out that they had forgotten to mention his administration’s work as well.

“They’re wrong on Bush, but they left out one person—’TRUMP,’ who took out ISIS, al-Baghdadi, Soleimani, and everyone else who was in the way of Justice and Peace,” Trump stated on Truth Social.

Under the Trump administration, a new National Strategy for Counterterrorism was announced in 2018 in order to “protect American citizens and interests at home and abroad.” According to the National Intelligence report, it was not only the country’s “first robust and fully-articulated” plan on counterterrorism since 2011 but also led the way to major accomplishments.

In addition to the new strategy, in 2019, Trump also signed an executive order that improved the United States’ ability to sanction terrorists and their financial supporters. 

Due to the counter-terrorism efforts, the 45th president successfully led the way to eliminate leaders in both al-Qaeda and ISIS groups as well as liberating men, women, and children who were under the ISIS regime. 

“We liberated nearly 8 million men, women, and children from ISIS’s reign of terror. Four million displaced Iraqis have returned home,” stated former Coordinator for Counterterrorism Nathan A. Sales.

While Trump has continuously spoken out against the terrorist attacks on Israel, some have called out President Biden as pictures and videos were released of him walking the beach in Delaware this weekend. The newly released footage comes after Biden’s 7 1/2-hour visit to Israel last Wednesday, in which he asked for peace amid the war.

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