Trump reveals ‘common sense’ agenda for 2024

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

Addressing a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at a Club 45 meeting in West Palm Beach Monday night, President Donald Trump revealed more insight into the “common sense” agenda Americans could expect from a second Trump presidency.

Trump vowed that as 47th president, “under no circumstances” will anyone cut Medicare or Social Security for seniors. However, he suggested he would cut spending in other places, such as federal funding for schools teaching leftist ideology.

“We’ll cut federal funding for any school preaching left-wing gender theories or any other inappropriate racial, sexual, and political content to our children,” President Trump stated, adding that his administration will direct the Departments of Justice and Education to “open civil rights investigations” into school districts promoting “race-based discrimination.”

Calling for a new process of electing school principals, Trump said, “Some of these school principals are put in there for political reasons and they are serious radical, left lunatics.”

In his second term, President Trump promised he would work to end Marxist ideology by revoking Joe Biden’s executive order, which established “Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion czars in every agency of the federal government,” and restoring “the principle of equality under the law.”

Furthermore, President Trump said he would revoke Biden’s policies on gender-affirming care, “a process that results in the physical mutilation of minor children.” Further, Trump plans to sign an executive order “instructing every federal agency to cease all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transition at any age.”

The 45th president also reaffirmed his stance to “keep men the hell out of women’s sports” and halt the invasion at the southern border.

Additionally, supporters were reminded that for the country to thrive once more under a Trump administration, elections need to be fair and secure: “If we can stop the cheating, there is no way we lose.”

Watch RSBN’s replay of President Trump’s full speech below:

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